Living Beautifully

Embrace the Years

Good afternoon from a very rainy, windy and grey Sydney! I was up for a few hours last night thinking about how when I was in my early twenties, the thought of getting older was a scary thing, but now, in my 38th year, I feel very blessed, and welcome each new year in my life with open arms. I don’t even mind the grey hairs that pop up from time to time or the laughing lines, because, as the saying goes, ageing is a privilege denied to many.The internet is brimming with articles about how to slow down the ageing process, and while I’m all for looking after ourselves—body and soul—I think the best way to slow down the signs of ageing, is to not resist the process but rather to embrace it and be grateful for the years, and also, to live honestly and authentically.

All the people I know who look naturally years younger than their age, and who have a childlike enthusiasm about them, are kind, loving, generous, open-hearted people, who spend a lot of time doing what they love and honouring their inner selves. Much of the time they also live slower, simpler lives, devoid of the many stresses that plague the lives of so many today. Perhaps by moving through life in this gentler way, by ensuring we tend to our souls as well as our bodies, and by being present and appreciative of every single moment, we remain young at heart, and in body and mind.

Speaking of ageing…this is one of my favourite pics of my great-grandmother Aurora taken in Montevideo, Uruguay, in 1987, when she was around 100 years old.

Even at this advanced age, she was still funny and cheeky, and was even eager to play a game of hide and seek with her great-grandchildren! She experienced so much in her long life, many ups and many downs, but throughout it all she was surrounded by loving family, which is why I think she lived as long as she did. Love kept her vibrant and youthful. May we all be so blessed.

Awaken: The Search is Over

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The Joy of Giving

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Raw Brownies

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