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BloomsI felt inspired today to write a little about forgiveness, because it’s something I feel is so often misunderstood. Some people associate forgiveness with weakness, when, in fact, it takes great strength and courage to forgive. When you forgive someone for something they’ve done or said, it does not mean that you condone their behaviour. You forgive in order to free yourself from the pain and suffering that comes from harbouring resentment and anger, not to let the other person off the hook. Holding on to blame and fury, punishes no one but yourself, and keeps you shackled to a hell of your own making.

To forgive is not to deny or suppress your feelings, or to pretend as though a painful situation or event did not occur. It is not about forgetting or discounting the past, nor dishonouring the memories of loved ones, whom we may have lost. It is about accepting what has happened, acknowledging any feelings of anger, resentment or other emotions that may be present, and allowing them to pass through us. The truth is we cannot be at peace if we allow bitterness and hate to put down roots in our heart. To hold on to these emotions, to let them find a home in us, is to live with a hardened heart, in darkness and anguish. Only when we let go of our anger, and the grudges we hold, and acknowledge that the past has no power over the present moment, will our suffering reveal the way to peace.

The journey to true forgiveness is not easy, it’s unbelievably tough, but it is the only way to heal ourselves, and the world.




“Forgiveness is the fragrance the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it.”

Mark Twain


Awaken Sisterhood

One morning in January, I woke up with the words ‘Awaken: The Search is Over’ playing over and over, in my head. This was not the first time something like this had happened to me. In fact, I often wake up with phrases being replayed in my mind. Sometimes I know exactly what they mean,…Continue Reading

The Way of the Daisies

Have you ever stopped to notice how flowers grow into what the universe intended them to be, unperturbed and unchanged by their surroundings? Recently, on a walk around the neighbourhood, I paused to look at this seemingly unremarkable scene. What caught my attention were the three daisies blossoming among the unkempt grass and unruly weeds,…Continue Reading

Feeling is the Key

Driving home from a doctor’s appointment recently, I reflected on how we often remember certain people, not because of what they did for us, but because of how they made us feel. Let me elaborate. A few months ago, it was discovered that I had a very small cyst on one of my ovaries. Nothing…Continue Reading

No Time to Waste

Friends, last week was scary! There were a few days where it looked as though I might lose someone I love. It happened out of the blue and I wasn’t prepared for it. Thankfully, things are looking brighter now, which I am very grateful for but I am also full of gratitude for the lesson…Continue Reading

Our Doubts Are Traitors…

  Too often we allow doubt and fear to dictate how we live our lives. We’re taught from young—often by well-meaning parents and educators—to be fearful of failure, and so we grow up only attempting those things at which we know we’ll succeed. Where success is not guaranteed, our fears and doubts surface, and our…Continue Reading

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