Awaken: The Search is Over

Awaken Cover jpgI’m excited to share that our Australian readers can now purchase a copy of AWAKEN from The Book Depository, which offers free worldwide delivery!

Book Blurb

AWAKEN is a book of life-changing inspirational quotes, drawn from the authors’ own profound journeys of transformation and spiritual awakening. Dip into any page for instant spiritual nourishment or read from cover to cover. This mini GPS for the soul belongs in every handbag—it’s a little book that creates big changes.

You’ve been asleep but it’s time to Awaken …

Have you ever felt like you’re disconnected from life, vitality and joy? Ever sensed the gnawing unease of having forgotten something important, yet the answer remains maddeningly out of reach? Ever yearned to be fulfilled by something you can’t begin to understand or express? What you’re missing is a connection to your soul, also known as Source, Infinite Spirit, God, the Higher Self, or the Universe—there are many labels for one truth. AWAKEN is a guidebook to help you find your way back to the divine spark within. Do that, and life will expand in new and seemingly magical ways.

About the Authors

Karina Machado Natalie GrueningerNatalie Grueninger and Karina Machado are sisters who live in the same leafy suburb in Sydney’s south. Natalie is a mum of two, a primary-school teacher and an author of acclaimed historical non-fiction books about the Tudors. Karina is also a mother of two, as well as a magazine journalist and author of a successful trilogy of non-fiction books about the spirit world. After discovering the source of purpose, peace and happiness within, both are passionate about helping other women get reacquainted with their authentic selves, enabling them to live joyful and empowered new lives. Much of the wisdom in AWAKEN came via Natalie’s meditations, during which she was guided to create this book with Karina and share it with sisters in spirit all around the world.


Awaken the book

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